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arrow Principles for Responsible Investment

1 Started 2006 with 20 signatories representing $2T
1 Currently represents over $15T in investment capital
1 531 signatories (View List)

arrow Enhanced Analytics Initiative

1 Started 2004
1 Currently represents over $2.8T in investment capital
1 30 members (View List)

arrow Investor Network on Climate Risk

1 Started 2003 with 10 members representing $600 Billion
1 Currently represents over $7 Trillion in investment capital
1 70 members (View List)

arrow Carbon Disclosure Project

1 Started 2002 with 35 signatory groups representing $4.5 Trillion
1 Currently represents over $55 Trillion in investment capital
1 475 signatory groups (View List)

arrow Institutional Investors Group on
   Climate Change

1 Started 2001
1 Currently represents $5.4 Trillion in investment capital
1 42 members (View List)

arrow Interfaith Center on Corporate

1 Started 1972
1 Currently represents over $100 Billion
1 300 members (View List)


Priority stakeholders consist of a wide range of interested parties that are both inside and
outside the organization. Within the realm of Environmental Governance, the priority stake-
holders consist of entities that are researching and using quantified data to compare and
contrast sustainability performance across numerous companies. The organizations listed
to the left consist of hundreds of internationally recognized financial institutions, investor
groups and researchers that are conducting rigorous analysis on the relationship between
financial and sustainability performance.

In addition to the financial community, a growing number of business relationships are
now being assessed and influenced based on sustainability criteria. Multinational
corporations with global supply chains are surveying business partners and key suppliers
on sustainability issues. Consumers are increasingly seeking environmentally friendly and
sustainable products and companies. Sustainability and environmental performance is also
being seen as a key differentiator for employee attraction and retention.



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